Camping Retreat A Success! Check Out Our Photos!

Dear friends, Thank you so much for helping make our Peace Club Camping Retreat powerful and transformational! The retreat took place October 7th -9th at the Redwood Regional Park, in Oakland. The youth led workshops and practiced Non-Violent Communication to solve real problems; led both light and challenging conversations about identity and trauma, explored oppression […]

Peace Club Camping Retreat

October 7th to 9th, 2016 The IMU had a camping retreat at the Redwood Park in Oakland, California. We stayed there for two nights and three days. It was from October 7th to 9th. Eleven students were transported by our amazing teachers with their own cars. We also want to thank all the donors who supported us, without whose help we would not […]

IMU | Peace Day 2016

The International Day of Peace

On the International Day of Peace, students from the San Francisco International High School made paper doves to represent what peace means to them. They decided to celebrate the International Peace Day on Tuesday, Sept 20th, in our school because Wednesday the 21st is the official UN International Day of Peace. Also on Tuesday, during […]

The San Francisco Foundation Awards Peace Club Leaders!

Seven current and former Peace Club directors and participants are The San Francisco Foundation Koshland Award Recipients. The $7,000 award helps pay for college tuition. We congratulate the following students: Menuka Adhikari, Hoang Tran, Khalil Meftah, Anzhela Klimenko, Marlyn Martinez, Edith Melendez and Rodrigo Mendez. The Koshland Young Leader Awards recognize the next generation of leadership in […]

YFYI awards a grant to IMU!

Peace Club Oscars, an IMU – supported program, is the recipient of the Youth Funding Youth Ideas’ grant in the amount of $5,000! The new 2014 – 2015 year begins with new Peace Programs! Thanks to the funding, IMU Peace Club youth leaders will implement a Peace Ambassadors program at San Francisco International High School. The grant […]